lørdag 28. juni 2008

Where sea and sky meet

Myken Lighthouse was built in 1918, they got electricity in 1955 and it was manned until 1974. Most people associate a lighthouse with dizzying tall towers and winding stairs. Not Myken. It consists of a white wooden house with its lighthouse, which is still in operation, on the roof. A beautiful place where sea and sky meet.
Here you can read more about Myken in english : Myken

2 kommentarer:

Linda Reeder sa...

Thanks for visiting my site. Wow, you really live up north. When we visited Norway we were as far north as Trondheim. I have ancestors from Sel in the Gudbrandsdalen. What a beautiful country!

Chikai sa...

that looks interesting. i've never been to a lighthouse before so i'm really looking forward to it. ;)