lørdag 28. juni 2008

Where sea and sky meet

Myken Lighthouse was built in 1918, they got electricity in 1955 and it was manned until 1974. Most people associate a lighthouse with dizzying tall towers and winding stairs. Not Myken. It consists of a white wooden house with its lighthouse, which is still in operation, on the roof. A beautiful place where sea and sky meet.
Here you can read more about Myken in english : Myken

torsdag 26. juni 2008

Sky watch friday from Myken

Sky watch on Myken island and Myken lighthouse

Myken is a charming island in Nordland, far off the coast of northern Norway. It is about 25 km above the Arctic Circle and 32 km from the nearest mainland. Myken has the coordinates of 66 degrees 45.7 minutes North and 12 degrees 29.6 minutes East. There are 14 people living on Myken on a permanent basis. People live on the biggest of the 40 islands that make up Myken.

Myken Lighthouse is let to groups of 4-8 persons and will give the visitors a memorable stay in the living quarters of the former lighthouse keeper. The lighthouse is situated on an island of its own, facing the Myken community on the other side of the sheltered harbour. The residents can enjoy a spectacular 360 degrees view as far as the eye can see.

Sky watch from the lighthouse

Meetingpoint on Myken

torsdag 19. juni 2008

søndag 8. juni 2008